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World Day for Suicide Prevention

By Paul Quinnett, Ph.D., QPR Institute

The International Association for Suicide Prevention and the World Health Organization announced the first World Day for Suicide Prevention for 10th September, 2003. To help celebrate this momentous event, and to help save lives around the world, the QPR Institute is making the electronic version of the best-selling book Suicide: the Forever Decision, for Those Thinking about Suicide and for those Who Know, Love and Counsel Them by Paul Quinnett, Ph.D., available as a free download from the QPR Web site @ www.qprinstitute.com. Reviews and comments by suicidal sufferers who have read the book can be found on the Barnes and Noble and Amazon web sites, and at the end of the e-book. 

This e-version of the Suicide the Forever Decision carries a general public license and can be copied in digital format, downloaded, printed, and copied in hard copy and given to anyone, anywhere. Please read the license that comes with the book for details. A French edition is also available.

To help suicidal people and those who love them, please consider the following applications:

* Can be emailed to crisis line callers

* Can be given to suicidal patients and clients

* Can be given to the family members of persons at risk for suicide

* Can be forwarded to list-serves for distribution

* Can be placed on high school and university servers for students

* Can be placed on web sites as a free download

* Can be burned to CDs and copied for distribution

* Can be sent to suicide chat rooms throughout the World Wide Web

* Can be hosted on institutional, corporate, religious and public health web sites

* Can excerpted for newsletters (please reference how people may get the book)


In a word, accept this gift and pass it on to others, including those on your email address book.

If you wish to translate this book into other languages, please contact the QPR Institute for permission.  There is no charge to translators, but we do wish to ensure a high quality translation by qualified persons.

To secure a copy, please visit www.qprinstitute.com and follow the instructions.


Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others.

The Staff and Faculty of the QPR Institute


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