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Therapists as Survivors of Suicide Loss

Many people don't realize that therapists are survivors of suicide loss. We've included several sections on how they can help themselves and what it's like when a therapist loses a family member to suicide.


01/03/2016 at 12:33 AM
K. Jacob
I lost my dear Brother to suicide on Christmas Day 2014. We've just survived our first year of grief. He was living with my husband, children and I after struggling through a divorce, depression and alcoholism. After seeking and gaining help for all the children through their school counselors, I decided to seek help for myself. We live in a small town and I finally found a grief counselor who would see me. She hadn't worked with suicide survivors and a couple visits, I didn't feel she understood my grief. I did more research and found a Survivors of Suicide (SoS) group in a larger city near us. From the moment I walked into that meeting, I felt understood and comforted. To me, grief is one thing, but death by suicide adds baggage to "regular" grief that no one but another survivor can understand. Just my opinion, but if you can find a support group geared directly for Survivors of Suicide, it will be more helpful than you can imagine. A group will also be able to lead you to more resources, books and friends to help you.
12/27/2015 at 10:48 PM
I a, 16, my dad committed suicide 20 days before my 8th birthday, and I, myself have attempted 2 times after, due to sexual harassment, so sometimes I just wanna talk to people .
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