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Suicide Is Not Self-Murder

By Kevin Caruso, www.suicide.org

Over 90 percent of the people who die by suicide have a mental illness at the time of their death. They die by suicide because they ARE NOT thinking clearly and are suffering from excruciating emotional pain.

And they feel that they MUST die by suicide to end their pain.

But there are many people who are IGNORANT about suicide and use the deeply offensive and patently INCORRECT term “self-murder” when they talk about suicide.

But murder is defined as “the unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice.” So, as any intelligent person can see, suicide unquestionably DOES NOT fit the definition for murder…at all.

The first problem with labeling suicide as “self-murder” is that it implies suicide is a crime. But suicide is NOT a crime. People who die by suicide are trying to stop their pain. There is NO criminal component to suicide. Period.

Next, the word “murder” implies a very evil intent to bring the most severe harm imaginable upon another person. But with suicide there is NO evil intent and NO desire to bring harm upon another person. Again, people who die by suicide want to stop their pain.

And “murder” means the killing of another person. But there is no other person killed in a suicide.

Contorting the word “murder” by placing the prefix “self” in front of it causes the new word “self-murder” to be a nonsensical, twisted term– a term that is oftentimes used by people with a NEGATIVE (and ignorant) agenda against people who die by suicide and against suicide survivors.

For example, those who claim that suicide is a sin will oftentimes state that those who die by suicide commit “self-murder.” Thus they try to advance their idiotic agenda by using the word “murder” as a WEAPON of hate...a weapon to denigrate and dishonor suicide angels and suicide survivors. But the individuals who advance this idiocy are only exhibiting their own IGNORANCE by making such statements.

Suicide is NOT a sin.

Suicide is NOT a crime.

And suicide is NOT self-murder.


05/20/2014 at 1:31 PM
Yes suicide is a temporary state of mental despair but you are misguided to think it is not a sin. Your definition of murder is a legal definition that is used to proscecute criminals that have been arrested for the act of murder. Suicide is the taking of a life by a person that has thought it out planned it and then carried it out. Yes they are in a mental state that has clouded their judgement but they are rational enough to carry out the plans they have laid out for their on demise. It is a cry for help that gets out of control. I would be willing to bet any person that jumped from a bridge half way down are wishing they had not done it. I do not wish to appear callous or ignorant as you put it but suicide is a selfish act that results in the loss of a loved one and the tragedy that has to be relived over and over again by those family members left to deal with it. Of course suicide is not a crime based on the revised statutes of the states simply because there is nobody to make accountable.
12/22/2012 at 2:42 AM
Thank you for clarifying this, I totally agree here. As far as I came to understand, the term "self-murder" is a word invented by the catholic church, which tends to self-righteously condemn anything that doesn't fit in its crude belief system. Every human being has the right to decide whether or not to kill themselves. Also, people judging suicide as "self-murder" often fail to understand that each human's consciousness, experiences, upbringings and pain is unique. How can we claim to condemn suicide while not sharing the exact same mental state of the person committing it? This concerning, there's still a lot of education required for the greater puplic; and old ideas inlflicted by any kind of organized religion have to be renewed in order to achieve a far bigger understanding.
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