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DragonflyIn a world where we are taught to preserve life, it’s difficult to comprehend when someone we care about ends his or her life. Sometimes we don’t understand what could have been so painful to lead someone to suicide. Other people watched loved ones struggle with mental illness, feeling helpless. To battle the stigma of suicide, we offer comprehensive information about what suicide is, who it affects, and how we can help people find hope again.

Until suicide touches our lives, we often don’t know how many people die by it nor do we know what it means or any of its history. Read more in this section to learn about what suicide is, how it’s different than self-injurious behavior, and what “psycheache” is.

Who dies by suicide?

While suicide cuts through all economic, social, cultural groups, read here about some of the special populations it affects including teens and military personnel.

Risk Factors and Warning Signs

How do we know if someone is at risk for suicide and how to help them? This section will help you understand what to look for.

Research, Genetics, and Protective Factors: Finding the Root of Why It Happens and How We Can Help People

Many factors comprise each suicide but finding the causes continue to allude us. Read here about ways researchers continue to understand why people die by suicide and how we’re looking at what protects people from ending their lives.

Media Recommendations

If you work with the media or are part of the media, read in this section about how to portray suicide in the media.


Finding web links about suicide is easy, finding good web links about suicide can be time consuming. Scroll through our list of the links and other resources we’ve compiled.


02/12/2016 at 2:12 PM
Steve Lloyd
i KNOW \\\\\\\\ I know all to well that despair,hopelessness,lonliness,and the feeling that not too many people care anyway. They always seem to care after the fact. I have suffered in lonliness and silence for so many years with Aspergers,clinical depression, and addiction. The pain I feel is watching everyone around me with families,careers, children, and success, and just feeling like such a failure. And trying to reach out but the only ones there are my mom and dad, who are getting up there in years. When one decides to end their own life, they just want all the pain and despair to be over...it is all consuming and so draining. The fact I have lived this long is amazing to me.
09/07/2012 at 1:17 AM
Hello all, I lost my dear Dad at the beggining of this year. Before this I had just moved into a new home, my first home and was so happy, unknowing to me the pain my Dad was in. Now I look back it all makes sense. The pain I feel inside is like someone hitting me over and over with a bag of hammers. I know by reading your stories that things will get better and although the pain remains the intense pain is ever so slightly starting to subside. I just try to think that he is at peace now and I think what good people me and my sister are and that is partly down to my Dad. He was a very popular man who you would think would be the last person to do this. I love and miss him greatly, my Dad, my hero xx
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