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By Rev. Charles T. Rubey Director, LOSS Program, Administration/Program Development

The most recent publication of the new catechism of the Roman Catholic Church states that “it is wrong for a person to take their life." The catechism does go on to clarify that in many instances there are extenuating circumstances that will mitigate the responsibility of the person’s actions. It is unfortunate that the catechism states this in such a way. It is open to misunderstanding on the part of many of the members of the Church. Such a statement continues the misconception of the whole area of suicide and the ultimate destiny of people who complete suicide. Without going down the slippery slope of the issue, it should be treated with a little more sensitivity and understanding of the issues that plague survivors of a completed suicide. Survivors have enough struggles in surviving the death of a loved one from suicide. They should not have to worry about the final destiny of a loved one. If someone were to ask me if it is permissible to take their life, I would not hesitate to say that it is not right to do so. After the fact, I would have a completely different response.

My belief is that God judges us negatively when we act out of malice. A person who completes suicide is not acting out of malice but is acting out of desperation. Their death is a clear statement that they can no longer tolerate the pain that has engulfed them. The pain has become more than they can handle and they are looking for a way out of their pain. They are not malicious but desperate. They do not want to “hurt God." They want peace from their internal torture that has become unbearable. I would find it hard to believe in a God who would deny peace and tranquility to a person whose life was devoid of such peace and tranquility. The reason that a person engages in such an act is to find peace and to escape from the torture that has made their life so unbearable.


10/04/2016 at 8:42 AM
Nathaniel Pettit
I want to commit suicide so much. My only reservation is my Catholic faith. I was in love with a beautiful woman and we were so happy but then God called me to celibacy. I knew he was calling me because I was slain in the spirit and he confirmed it so many times. I cried so hard when he asked me to leave her but I had to follow God's call. Ever since I left her I've been preoccupied with her and jealous over her. I wish we were married but God told me so loud and clear it isn't his will. Some nuns had a prophecy that she would become a nun. Then God invited me to sacrifice my life as a martyr. It was his plan for me to fast for the 40 days of lent so much that people would put me in a mental hospital. He told me that people were going to rip my fingernails off and so I needed to be so weak from fasting that I would pass out when they came to kill me. I was so exhausted from fasting and scared of getting killed that after being admitted to the hospital despite God giving me signs to keep perservering I gave up on the mission. Ever since then I've been plagued with guilt and shame as a coward. If I had gotten martyred by a crazy person in the mental institution I would have inspired my ex-girlfriend to become a nun and then I wouldn't need to be jealous of her. Then 8 months went by when I was terribly depressed and I was begging God to give me another chance to get martyred because I need to follow his will. No one was being converted by my preaching videos on YouTube or my evangelization web site or my prayers and fasting. So he inspired me to do the same thing again. This time I went 40 days without hardly eating or drinking at all and lost 40 pounds again. I got right up to the point where this man in the mental hospital was a radical muslim who was there because he tries to kill people. I knew that if I evangelized him that he would kill me but I got so afraid of being hurt and I couldn't find the words so as a coward again I said just forget it and remained silent. Then I got back home and I was plagued by terribly unbelieveable depression. I am mad at God because I just wanted to graduate college and marry this beautiful woman and have a happy normal life but he had to give me these incredibly difficult missions to carry out and he even knew I would fail. Now my ex-girlfriend is engaged and I am very upset and jealous. Just last night in adoration I opened the bible at random to 'more torturous than anything is the human heart." Since I started following Christ I lost everything and the only thing I have to do in my free time is visit Jesus in the adoration chapel. I could be in my own house with my beautiful wife and our baby enjoying my life but God called me to suffer and I couldn't even handle it. I know it is my fault for not completing my missions but I am still mad at God for challenging me so much when I wanted an easier life. Now I have nothing. I am a coward and I'm alone and I live with my parents and I don't even like being around the house. I am so depressed. Nothing is going right in my life and despite all my efforts no one is really converting to God anyway. I am begging God for another chance to get martyred because I just want to die. I have to get killed before those two get married because I will have a heart attack the night they consummate their marriage. God wants me to just pray for them to be happy now. He doesn't want me to be jealous anymore. He says to look at it from an eternal perspective that they won't be married in heaven but now that I lost my honor and everything I just feel terrible anyway. God's mission for me was also so extraordinary that no one really gets it. I just feel so stupid. I absolutely hate every moment I'm alive. A coward dies 1000 times but a soldier dies but once. I would love to jump off a bridge. I would absolutely do that in a second if God told me it was ok. But I have to wait for the one world government to come kill me. I haven't felt joy in 2 years. If you want to contact me you can e-mail me Pettit.Nathaniel@gmail.com
10/31/2015 at 12:27 AM
David Holman
I'm confused. In order for someone who commits suicide to be sent to hell, doesn't that mean he or she is still alive? If not, then what is being tortured? If we believe in an afterlife, then its the body that's been destroyed, not the life within.
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