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Research, Genetics, and Protective Factors

As the research about suicide continues to grow, read more in this section about the connection to genetics and other factors.


04/24/2019 at 8:50 PM
Shirley McMahan
I am interested in the Genetic component in suicide death. My 61 year old son took h is own life in Aug 2018 by hanging. His own bio dad took his own life at age 24 by prescribed barbituates, when my son was 1 month old. My son's oldest son overdosed on alcohol and drugs, conclusion was "suicide." On my own side of the family I had a sister who was mentally ill, she died of natural causes in her early 60's. My mother's younger sister took her own life by gun kn her 50's not long after her husbands death. It seems suicide and mental illness is something that "runs" in my side and my first husband's (my son's father) lives. There seems to be some mental disturbance in one of my daughter's even 11 years after the death of her husband which she has focused on since his death. I am a Christian, my son was also but did fight anxiety and other physical illness for many years before he took his own life. I'm asking both about Genetic factors and also why it seems the "Church" ignores this as an issue even in the face of Christians taking their own lives. Thank you.
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