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Finding Hope in Writing

For some people, they find their hope by expression through writing. While we offer some ways you can do this, we also have articles and poetry from others who have experienced suicide loss.


06/21/2013 at 4:21 PM
I was just six when I woke on a normal saturday morning, going down for my breakfast. Me and my 9 year old brother at the time used to stay in my mams bed with her and watch films every night.I woke up and walked to the landen,where I saw my mam through the banister on the stairs. At first I thought she had fallen asleep on her way to bed as she had haven a few drinks the night before," wake up...Wake up" I said, I called her and then my brother woke,he came out to the landen, I was confused.He told me to go and get her mobile.But i was scared to step over her body on the step. I felt her skin and she was cold,her lips were purple and saliva hung from her mouth.All her contacts were erased, When we remembered that mam told us to go to our aunties if anything happened as we lived on the same road.It was horrible.Every day it goes through my mind.Im now 15 and it hasnt got any harder.Its got worse.I have to live with the pain and the images.It hurts me that she wasnt here while i was growing up,It kills me that as time goes on i feel i forget her hugs,her smell,and her voice.It doesnt get easier.
12/10/2012 at 9:04 PM
Caroline E
My 17 year old daughter took her life 7 weeks ago. She was my bright shining star, I love her so much. I dont want to talk about it because it hurts so much, but everyone tells me to talk about it. My parents tell me that they are also hurting - I feel that they are comparing my pain to theirs - it hurts so much. I dont know how to tell people I dont want to talk to them, they say I am pushing them away, but it hurts to go over it over and over just for somebody else. I miss my beautiful girls so much. Today walking throught the shoppoing centre at lunch, the pain in my heart was so great, I found it hard to breath. I dont want to continue with this pain, but I cant hurt my remaining children in this way. But I feel like I am just existing from minute to minute and that existance is filled with pain.
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