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Coping with Suicide Loss

There are many ways to cope with suicide loss. Here we explore some of them.


04/28/2017 at 11:56 AM
Judy Cocke
My son Joshua was always a quite kid and would be in his room almost all the time when he was home on his phone or playing his games and i thought he was happy, this was his last year in school about to graduate, didn't know what he wanted to do for the future. I was busy with 2 jobs and my husband is a firefighter his dad. He would help us by watching my daughters baby for a few minutes before we would come home and i know he didn't want me to have 2 jobs but i would tell him its only for a little while longer so we can move to a bigger house and he could have a bigger room and maybe a pool in the back yard but now he wont be here for none of that and i have to live with this terrible pain for the rest of my life.
10/15/2016 at 8:49 PM
My brother killed himself four days ago. I'm not handling it well we were close and I felt like he was my twin because were only 14 months apart he was the older one. He just turned 25 this past July Its so hard to believe he will never see 26 I dont get much support at home because they feel that because he was into drugs due to the way we were raised that he got what was coming to him and I just dont agree at all but I'm stuck I cant morn him without getting yelled at and I cant keep at the sadness to myself without feeling like I'll go crazy....
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