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Coping with Suicide Loss

There are many ways to cope with suicide loss. Here we explore some of them.


10/15/2016 at 8:49 PM
My brother killed himself four days ago. I'm not handling it well we were close and I felt like he was my twin because were only 14 months apart he was the older one. He just turned 25 this past July Its so hard to believe he will never see 26 I dont get much support at home because they feel that because he was into drugs due to the way we were raised that he got what was coming to him and I just dont agree at all but I'm stuck I cant morn him without getting yelled at and I cant keep at the sadness to myself without feeling like I'll go crazy....
06/18/2016 at 9:00 PM
Subhash Arora
Ken, I just can not believe that how could life be so cruel. I lost my 27 year old daughter few months ago to suicide. She was out only kid and we really pampered all the way . She was beautiful girl,full of life and wonderful student . Everybody would comment to us that she is going to make you proud. She was a going through a rough patch as after her MBA degree she was not getting any job offers . She tried to start a small business but failed there too. Depression was growing inside but both my self and my wife were so confidant that it will be all fine soon .We were supporting her financially but it never occurred to us that it was the emotional support she was looking for. I will carry the guilt all my life that she was still trying to keep her strong as her diary showed but I never got the inkling to take a corrective step on time . Sometime I feel angry as to why she never made one call and told me about the step she will be taking as she was really close to me. She was just normal from outside but inside the loneliness and helpless was driving her mind frame to such negative thoughts .One of her friend disclosed on her service that as he was down with depression few months before and wanted to end his life ,it was my daughter who supported him and took him out of his depression and now she went ahead and did what she was totally against . We are totally at loss of words as we never even imagined that she could take this step. Our hearts are burning in hell every single day and every single night since she is gone .
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