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To make change happen, it usually is prompted by those who have experienced what needs to be changed. Survivors of suicide loss have been behind the bulk of suicide prevention advocacy in the United States and all over the world. Read more here about you can get involved.


10/07/2018 at 5:14 PM
Julie Yeager
To much to comment. I'm just a week into my second round of dealing with murder/suicide. When I was 19 my stepdad murdered my mom when I was home and killed himself, a week ago today my ex-boyfriend whom I just kicked out 7 weeks ago killed his brother he was staying with, a guy I knew for years and then himself. He was a abusive drunk and I was scared of him and kicked him out. I'm wanting to be a front runner on advocacy in murder suicide. It's now 3 murders and too sucides 30 years apart litterally right around the corner from where my mom was murdered. Please, please, please I ask you to get in contact with me! I want to help from the bottom of my soul and I have so much to offer. My number is 816-337-7614. Thank you! Julie Yeager
01/21/2016 at 3:20 PM
Sharon Padilla
My spouse and Father of our daughter who was 9 years young when " John" left Our World. 3142012 he committed suicide while We myself and daughter were at Church praying for Other's. Today i have a facebook page called SOS sadness over suicide with 200 Member's in it. I Believe We can Spread suicide Awareness and Support the Survivor's who are Left here to Talk and Honor the Lives of Our Loved One's. Respect and Care s.p. ????™
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