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A Husband's Suicide

The Dividing Line chapter

By Jeanne Moren

This writing is one chapter from a book titled The Dividing Line. The book was written over a number of years and reflects on the passage of time since the death of the author’s husband in 1974. It addresses some of the issues that survivors might encounter.

Read the chapter here.


09/22/2017 at 9:56 AM
Celia Savage
Kerry, the exact same thing happened to me and my grown children my son,24 found my husband. He hung himself. So I know what your feeling This happened Sept. 20,2017
06/10/2017 at 11:34 PM
Dear Kerry, I am heartbroken to read that your husband also took his own life. My husband died on May 4. I left the house after we had yet, another fight. He dialed 911 and then,shot himself, after texting me. I was two houses away from home. I was too late. I think he knew though I was there -- that I had come back. I, too, have suffocating quilt and remorse over not being everything I should have been -- perfect. My husband had been laid off from his life's work, he developed a painful chronic medical condition, took several strong antidepressants and he, too, was an alcoholic but had long periods of sobriety. He was the dearest person I have ever known and I am overwhelmed that he loved me with all his heart. Like us, it sounds that you and your husband accomplished so much because of your great love for each other and your children. We can't know how things close in on a person and how we might have seen more and helped. I have no wisdom. I simply care with my whole heart and will keep you in my prayers, many times a day. Pleae accept a big hug.
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