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A Husband's Suicide

The Dividing Line chapter

By Jeanne Moren

This writing is one chapter from a book titled The Dividing Line. The book was written over a number of years and reflects on the passage of time since the death of the author’s husband in 1974. It addresses some of the issues that survivors might encounter.

Read the chapter here.


02/06/2019 at 9:32 PM
Allison, I am so, so very sorry for your loss. My Husband of 28 yrs together 32 years took his life while out of town. We have a 19 year old Son. It has been 585 days, and I , like you, still think he is going to walk thru the door.
08/17/2018 at 2:01 PM
My husband committed suicide three months ago - today is his birthday - I can't believe he's not here to say happy birthday to - I have heard from no one to say are you okay - do you need to talk or do you need anything! His family can't deal with it - my family can't deal with it and his friends are just going on with their lives -saying well it's shame - I feel alone to deal with this unbearable grief and pain - I'm trying to keep a brave face on but inside I'm destroyed - I still think he's going to come home sometimes - I just want him back at the same time I get so angry with him for what he did to me - I just want him to send me a sign that he's still with me - something to make me feel better - we had a great relationship - we loved each other very much - we had so much fun together but he was an alcoholic and the alcohol demon took him from me - he wasn't seeing clearly - he thought he was burdening me and he wasn't - I would have done anything for that man - I hate this world without him... I keep thinking of his birthday last year and how much I love him - sometimes I can handle it - sometimes I can't - sometimes it makes me sick when I think about what he did to himself - I can't tell people outside the family some of them can't handle it when I say my husband killed himself and then they ask me what happened and then when I tell them he shot himself they look horrified and say why would he do that to you - what do you say when you don't even know yourself....
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